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March 11, 2006

We are not morning people. A big part of the reason for that is very simple: We are night people (wow, how’s that for a profound bit of news?).

Frequently, Mr. W. spends his 10pm to 2am listening to Coast To Coast AM on his XM or Sirius radio. You know, George Noory, Art Bell. Odd stuff. Remote viewing. Psychic predictions. Upcoming catastrophes such as earthquakes that will make Reno into ocean-front property. Aliens ARE among us. Pedophile shape-shifting-snake-people. Insidious poisoning from jet contrails. Sun spots that interfere with the electromagnetic whatcha-hoozits here on earth. Whatever, it's bad.

Stuff that makes you think. If you're so inclined, stuff that reinforces your paranoia. Stuff that makes you go, "What was HE smoking?".

Overall, not the stuff that good dreams are made of.

Well, gosh. It seems that occasionally Mr. W. realizes that this is not good-dream-inducing. On one such occasion, he forewent (is that a word? What's the past-tense of forego? Foregoed?) listening to George. Instead, we went to bed early-ish (still after midnight) with our usual reading material. He put Angelina: Chaplet of Divine Mercy in the CD player. Rosary chants, some incredible singing. Lots of repetitive chants (I guess that’s what the rosary is, huh?).

Fast forward to 7am. I’m having a dream. Mr. W. and I meet my mother when she was younger and I was just a babe in the cradle. I recognized her right away because she looked just like the pictures I've seen in the photo album. Apparently it didn't take much for us to convince her that I am her only child all grown up and married. Still in the dream, Mr. W. made a tactful exit so that Mom and I could have some time alone.

So, I'm talking to her, trying to decide what to tell her of her future. My first thing is, "My father will need to travel his own path, and that doesn't include you. But don't despair, you WILL find true love and happiness." (My mom has said for years that my dad was her first love but my step-dad was the love of her life.)

What else should I tell her? Setting aside the whole space-time-continuum or whatever it is that says you're not supposed to say anything in the past or else you will, single-handedly, muck up the future so that the wheel will not have been invented and we were not victorious in the secondworldwar and the women will end up wearing mini-togas and the men will be in polyester catsuits like in Logan's Run…. (sorry, I digressed)
What should I say? Of course, most of it will be in regard to me, since that's a subject best known to me. "Don’t let me drive on this date in December of this year" (that will keep me from having The Accident). What about, "Don’t let me marry the first guy, make me find Mr. W. sooner." Well, if I didn't marry the first one, what about my kids? Would they be the same, except look like another dad? If I'd met Mr. W. sooner, would he still have fallen in love with me? I mean, the experiences of my past (and that included the first guy) made me into the person that Mr. W. loves. What if we'd met sooner and I wasn't "just right" yet?

There were a lot of other things that I told her or wanted to tell her. Somewhere along the way, I realized that I was awake and still thinking about what I should say. And how would I do it? Would I give her a bunch of envelopes and say, "Don’t open the next one until this one comes true?"

There I was, very awake at 7am-ish. Not startled, not groggy or disgruntled. Just... contemplative. I thought about the dream for a long time that morning. Very captivating line of thought for me.

Finally after a day or two I found some time when Life wasn't getting in the way and I gave my mom a call. I told her about the dream and asked her what she would have wanted to know. She thought about it for awhile and said that she probably wouldn't have wanted to know anything, because what she went through and how she grew and dealt with it is what made her the person she is today.

My mom's a pretty smart cookie.

Though, I still would have told her to save every cent she could from that moment on and as soon as she saw a stock with the letters MSFT, buy as much of it as possible.

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