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March 07, 2006

Well, as promised, a quilting update: Our Vancouver group is doing a block-a-week sampler from Quilter's World. It's quite cool, and something I've always wanted to do.

The basic premise is that you take the same block and switch around the colors/values each time you make it. I actually have a book (that I can't find right now, of course) that's dedicated to this concept; fortunately the folks at Quilter's World took the work out of it for me this time.

So, last week was Block 8 (of 12). That thing just about kicked my butt.

Block 8

I think that for this block, I'll use the "Galloping By On Horseback at Night" way of avoiding seeing the not-quite-perfectly-matched-points. And what is it with Log Cabin style blocks (or components)? I have a major brain blockage here, I think. No matter how I try, I can't sew a straight seam for the life of me.

Another fun thing about this project is that, while all "quilt-shop quality" fabrics, and while they're all quilter's cottons, the fabrics are NOT all the same weight. Go figure. It's time to pull out the walking foot (now that I'm almost done with the project, of course) so that the bottom layer of fabric doesn't pull up SO MUCH when I'm sewing.

The good news is that this block is DONE. Block 9 is also done and ready to be displayed to the class tomorrow night as an example of what the next one is to look like.

Still in the land of quilting, this evening I'm starting a new three-week Beginner's Class at Tami's Fabric Fun in Woodland. This is the second attempt at giving the class, the first was scheduled too soon after Christmas to get much interest. YAY! Such is not the case this time! Not only did Tami fill the six seats for the 6:00 class, she also got five people on a waiting list so we put together a 3:00 class, too! Two of the same class, back-to-back... only one trip in to town, and if I play my cards right, K might even feed me between classes so I don't have to spend the hour driving home and back! (For true accuracy, the 3:00 class will actually be held this week on Thursday, then switch to Tuesday next week. I guess I'm on my own for dinner today.)


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