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March 25, 2006

No pictures today, just wanted to do a quick update.

Poor Meredith (again). I re-did the armholes - much, MUCH better. Got one sleeve cap done and it's STILL too fluttery! I've set it aside (probably until tomorrow evening). I am NOT giving up. I still love the project.

One the KAL front, I'm done with eight HS Hats. I have cast on and knitted quite a bit on Heidi's round tablecloth pattern that I'm using for a charity baby blanket. Boy, oh boy, has THIS been a learning experience! The original test bit (smaller and with heavier yarn) went oooooooo-kaaayy, but the center/"eye" of the circle was all stretched out. Heidi gave me some good advice for that and other problems that I was having.

I ended up making little gloves for my fishing weights, using the concept from nonaKnits' I-cord Gloves pattern, on the ISM. WAY cool. Used up a lot of scrap yarn. They're kinda dorky looking, but they really do the trick.

I also grabbed my box of bobby pins and some Sculpey and made some 3-prong EON tools. They look like something Wilma Flintstone would use, but one of the two really does the job (the second one's "fingers" are too short).

After casting on and getting 4 1/2 of the 16 wedges done on the baby blanket, I decided I needed to do something in the no-brainer department. Out comes the knit Teddy for Charity pattern that I'd converted for the ISM. Other than making one leg 10 rows shorter than the other leg (yes, I fixed it), the body's done and awaiting arms.

Back to the baby blanket this morning. I just finished my sixth wedge and found that #5 looked funny AND my stitch count had grown by 2! Frogging eyelets, even on the ISM, is a serious PITA. I got it back to the beginning of wedge 5 and decided to take a break and come talk to you all!

Did anybody notice that the felted clog-o-meter has been changed to 100%? They're officially done. However. They're still a bit wide, and the 'dome' on top of the foot is pretty high. Now that I've worn them a couple of times, I might send them through the machine another time or two to see what happens.

Pictures will appear in the next few days...
The Woodland Beginning Quilting classes are officially over. We're all exhausted! Everyone said they had fun and that they learned a lot.

(This is me, counting my chickens...) I already have the next class filled (but not scheduled or paid!) for the Dreams and Wishes pattern, in May.

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