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March 06, 2006

Okay, I admit it. I don't know what a 'meme' is. I mean, I think I've got the gist - someone tags you with a list of questions that are written so that you share interesting or unusual or meaningful information about yourself with others. Then you tag someone else. Kinda like "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours".

Um. How do you SAY it? Is it like mee-mee? Or is it MEEM? (that's what comes into my head when I read it) Are you memed?

Who came up with this thing, anyway? Is it an honor to get tagged, or a bother? (Sounds like a bother to Me) Is it just convenient filler when you are having a not-so-bloggy day but you feel like you need to post something?

And if you don't answer and re-tag, will your blogserver crash and lose all but the first few lame posts you ever wrote?

I've been trying to not overwhelm the blog (and myself) with a bunch of posts all at once. Yes, I have a lot to say, and yes, some of it is even interesting BUT I've heard about burnout...

I went to Mom's last week and delivered a new-to-her computer. While I was there, The Boy and his family came out to visit for a few hours (wow! The mountain actually came to Mohammed!). A nice time; the 6+ hours travelling went by very nicely since Mr. W. installed the MyFi for me.

On the knitting front, I have been working on the top-down sleeve on the Meredith sweater. I got it almost to the pit and decided it was too wide. To decrease to the wrist I would have had to decrease 2 sts every other row, and that sounded a bit extreme. So, out it came, and I re-picked-up around the armhole and did some short rows along the bottom of the armhole to fill it in a bit - I even remembered to write down exactly what I did so I can do it on the other sleeve! Now it's longer than a cap sleeve, shorter than a short sleeve. I think that if it was someone else's pattern (and in a yarn I didn't love so much) I would have gotten frustrated by now. Since I'm learning so much as I go, I'm still pretty excited about the whole darn thing.

I also made a good start on the ISM for four Head Start hats. I saw something about a "Mile A Minute" hat and decided to do something similar. Since all four of them are a little over half done, I think I'll call them the "Block a Minute" hats. I cast on for the first, did the ribbing and stockinette up to 6" , then laid in some ravel cord and cast on for a second hat. I didn't cut the yarn from the first hat, just pulled it aside and attached the second skein. I did that for all four hats (until I ran out of 'charity' skeins), then pulled the whole thing off the machine and pulled the ravel cords.

The pictures shows three hats still stuck together, the fourth (at the top) pulled off. If you squink up your eyes, you might see the green ravel cord between hats.

The live stitches at the top of three hats are currently on crochet cotton, the fourth is on the needles. After I got all of the hats separated and threaded up, I sewed each into a tube. Now I can just get going on my circs and finish each of them off.

Next post will be about quilting - there's stuff to say there, too. Oh! And I have a FO to post! I've been a very biddy chick this week already!


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