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February 22, 2006

This is my plan for this blog:

Talk about my knitting progress and projects, what I'm learning along the way, where I'm going wrong, where I'm re-defining The Rules. I hand knit (learned about a year ago), and when I started waking up with a dislocated and swollen right thumb, I pulled out my ISM and re-learned it, too. After all, Christmas was approaching and I had Stuff To Create!

Talk about my quilting and sewing projects. After all, I AM a quilting instructor. I have enough UFO's and fabric to cover the state of Rhode Island, or so Mr. W. says. Quilting is currently taking a back seat to knitting - probably because I'm overwhelmed with the UFO's. Of course, since I'm teaching, I keep creating NEW UFO's each time the classes do a new project.

Both of these things are the "Fiber" part of FiberBabble. In theory, there will be pictures. Links to things I'm doing and things I want to do. Requests for help from the masses, and sharing of techniques that I use to get me through a project.

Now to the "Babble" part. This one is easy for me. It's truly no surprise that my camp nickname (pull out the Way-Back Machine) was Motor Mouth. And guess what? I have OPINIONS. And because I am a Leo and 'my' planet is the Sun, the world truly DOES revolve around me. That's just the way it is.

Side trip (get used to them, they happen frequently): If you read the definition of the star sign Leo, that's me up and down, inside and out. But I wonder. Am I bound by my birthdate to be the person I am? Or did I read the description of Leonine personality traits during my formative years and consciously or subconsciously build my personality to fit? Are we to believe that one twelfth of the population, those born at the end of July through the end of August, ALL have these character traits? Now, THAT is a scary thought.

Oh. And if you read my profile you'll see that I'm a Blogger since February 2006. Not true. This is my second go-round; I actually started in 2003, then pooped out. The original, unrelated to most of this blog, blog is here. It helps to read that one in order. Hopefully soon I'll build that page so you can do so without a lots of click-back-click-back action.

The profile will also give you the Cast of Characters that I will likely most talk about. If you don't want to read the profile, though, just go with it. I have faith that you will be able to figure out what/whom when necessary.

So, welcome, Reader. The grand plan is was to mark my posts with cute little graphics that will give you, at a glance, an idea of whether the post is Fiber or Babble. We'll see how easy THAT is to pull off with any consistency.

Edited a long time later: While the cute little graphics pleased ME, they also caused the pages to load more slowly and became cumbersome quite early in the game.
Never mind.

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